UPS Online Board-X 2 KVA 1800W 4 x 12v 9 amp


“Experience reliable and constant power with the UP Online Boardx 2 KVA 1800W UPS. With line-interactive technology, surge protection, and battery backup, this uninterruptible power supply is perfect for critical applications. Buy now!



The UPS Online Boardx 2 KVA 1800W UPS is a high-performance uninterruptible power supply designed for critical applications that require constant and reliable power. It features a 2 KVA (Kilovolt-Ampere) output power capability and an 1800W maximum power rating, making it suitable for a variety of demanding electrical loads.

The UPS utilizes 4 x 12V 9Ah batteries to provide battery backup during power outages, ensuring that connected devices continue to receive power without interruption. The battery backup provides surge protection, ensuring that connected devices are protected from voltage spikes and surges that can cause damage.

The UPS also features line-interactive technology, which provides voltage regulation and maintains a stable power output even during fluctuations in the input power supply. Additionally, the UPS has a full-digital control and display that allows users to monitor and manage the power supply.

Some key specifications of the UP Online Boardx 2 KVA 1800W UPS include:

Output power: 2 KVA
Output power rating: 1800W
Battery type: 4 x 12V 9Ah
Voltage regulation: Line-interactive
Control and display: Full-digital
Protection: Surge protection, battery backup