UGREEN 4k HDMI to HDMI Flat Cable 1.5M | ED015 | 50819


UGREEN 4k HDMI to HDMI Flat Cable (1.5 meters, ED015, 50819) is a high-quality audio and video cable designed for connecting HDMI-enabled devices. With its 1.5-meter length and flat design to prevent tangling, this cable provides a convenient and organized connection solution. It supports stunning 4k resolution at 60Hz refresh rate, delivering sharp and vibrant visuals, along with immersive audio. Backward compatible with lower resolutions, it ensures compatibility with older devices and displays. Durable and efficient, this HDMI cable is perfect for home entertainment, gaming, and multimedia use, enhancing your overall viewing experience.



UGREEN 4k HDMI to HDMI Flat Cable (1.5 meters, ED015, 50819) is a top-quality audio and video cable that ensures a high-definition connection between HDMI-enabled devices. With a length of 1.5 meters (approximately 4.9 feet) and a flat design, this cable offers convenience while preventing tangling and ensuring a neat setup.

Tech Specs:

HDMI 2.0 Version Flat Cable

4K HDR For Excellent Pictures

3D Blu-ray Support

Bandwith 18Gbps

32 Channel Audio Surround Sound

1.5M-3M support 3840*2160@60Hz

5M Support 3840*2160 @30Hz

Connector gold-plated

Mirror Modem Extended Mode, Game Mode