PSU NJOY Power Supply Woden Series 750W 80+ Gold Gaming


Woden 750 is especially created for enthusiasts who want to create their own PC and for gamers who know how important it is for a computer to be powered by a strong and stable PSU. It is equipped with a silent 14 cm fan, with low rotation speed, which is intelligently managed and constantly monitors the temperature of the PSU through the sensor system present so that even in times of maximum load the noise level of fan will not bother you.



Woden series was especially build for gaming or high performance computers. It will deliver the power needed to boost the gaming experience to maximum. Be the hero of your game with the Woden series.

Tested to operate at efficiency of 88% or over, the Woden series is not a power waster. Compared to regular, less efficient PSUs, Woden wastes less than 12% of the absorbed power as it heats, reduces the electricity bills and contributes in preserving the environment.

Woden uses Active PFC to allow power distribution to operate at its maximum efficiency. Active PFC uses a circuit to correct the power factor. This circuit has a typical power efficiency of over 95%, reduces total harmonics noticeably and automatically adjust for AC input voltage.

Tech Specs: