Promate SolarTank-20PDCi 20000mAh EcoLight™ Solar Power Bank with Built-in USB-C & Lightning Cables


Stay charged and connected on the go with the Promate SolarTank-20PDCi. This 20000mAh solar power bank features built-in USB-C and Lightning cables, making it a versatile solution for your mobile devices. Harness the power of the sun with EcoLight™ solar technology while enjoying a rugged design built for outdoor adventures.



Promate SolarTank-20PDCi, your eco-friendly companion for staying charged on the go. This 20000mAh solar power bank is designed to keep your devices powered up, whether you’re hiking, camping, or simply out and about. With its built-in USB-C and Lightning cables, you can charge a wide range of devices without the hassle of carrying extra cables.

Technical Specifications:

Capacity: 20000mAh

Solar Panel: EcoLight™ solar charging technology

Built-in Cables: USB-C and Lightning cables

Additional Ports: USB-A output for charging other devices

Fast Charging: Supports fast charging for compatible devices

LED Indicator: Displays battery status

Rugged Design: Shockproof and waterproof for outdoor use