Promate PowerMine-80 80000mAh High-Capacity 65W Fast-Charging Power Pack


Meet the Promate PowerMine-80: your ultimate power solution. With a colossal 80000mAh capacity and lightning-fast 65W charging, this portable powerhouse keeps all your devices running smoothly. Charge laptops, smartphones, and more with ease. Stay productive and connected wherever you go with this sleek and compact companion.



Promate PowerMine-80, your high-capacity powerhouse for all your charging needs. With an incredible 80000mAh capacity, this portable power pack provides reliable and fast charging for your devices on the go. The PowerMine-80 is equipped with advanced 65W fast-charging technology, ensuring your gadgets are powered up quickly and efficiently.

Technical Specifications:

Capacity: 80000mAh

Fast Charging: 65W fast-charging technology

Input Ports: USB-C and micro USB

Output Ports: USB-C and USB-A

Compatibility: Charges laptops, smartphones, tablets, and more

LED Display: Indicates remaining battery power

Multiple Charging: Charge multiple devices simultaneously