Promate PowerBeam-25I Lighting Cable 25cm Anti-Tangle USB to Lightning Connector Cable – White


Promate PowerBeam-25I Lightning Cable is a compact and durable 25cm USB to Lightning connector cable. It offers efficient charging and data syncing for Apple Lightning-enabled devices. With its anti-tangle design and sleek White color, this cable ensures hassle-free usage and adds a stylish touch to your setup. Enjoy reliable performance and convenience with the Promate PowerBeam-25I.



Promate PowerBeam-25I Lightning Cable is a compact and reliable cable designed for efficient charging and data syncing. With a length of 25cm (9.8 inches), this anti-tangle cable provides convenience and portability. The USB to Lightning connector allows you to connect your Apple devices to USB ports for charging or syncing. Its White color adds a sleek touch to your setup, while the durable construction ensures long-lasting performance. Say goodbye to tangled cables and enjoy hassle-free charging and syncing with the Promate PowerBeam-25I.

Tech Specs:

Cable Type: USB to Lightning

Cable Length: 25cm (9.8 inches)

Compatibility: Apple Lightning-enabled devices

Charging: Efficient and reliable power delivery

Data Syncing: Fast and seamless data transfer

Construction: Durable and long-lasting design

Anti-Tangle: Tangle-free cable for convenient use

Color: White