Promate MagMount-L SecureGrip Magnetic Smartphone Holder


Promate MagMount-L is a secure and reliable magnetic smartphone holder designed for your car. It features a strong magnetic attachment to keep your phone in place while driving. With its sleek and compact design, it seamlessly integrates into your car’s interior. The one-hand operation allows for easy and quick mounting and removal of your phone. Keep your smartphone securely mounted and within reach with the Promate MagMount-L while on the road.



Promate MagMount-L is a reliable and secure magnetic smartphone holder designed to keep your device in place while driving. With its strong magnetic attachment, it provides a secure grip and prevents your phone from slipping or falling. The holder features a sleek and compact design that blends well with your car’s interior. It offers easy and quick one-hand operation, allowing you to mount and remove your phone effortlessly. The Promate MagMount-L is the perfect solution for keeping your smartphone within reach and securely mounted while on the road.

Tech Specs:

Brand: Promate

Model: MagMount-L

Holder Type: Magnetic Smartphone Holder

Compatibility: Universal for smartphones

Mounting: Magnetic attachment for secure grip

Design: Sleek and compact

Operation: Easy one-hand operation for quick mounting and removal

Installation: Simple and hassle-free installation in your car

Stability: Provides a secure and stable hold for your smartphone

Package Contents: Promate MagMount-L Magnetic Smartphone Holder, User Manual