Promate GearPodC2 USBC Earphones


Promate GearPodC2 USBC Earphones in white offer premium HD sound and convenience. These wired headphones feature a USB Type-C connector, making them compatible with devices like iPad Pro, iPad Mini, and Galaxy S21 Plus. With their built-in microphone, noise isolation, and anti-tangle cable, these earphones provide a hassle-free and immersive audio experience. The inline volume control allows for easy adjustment, and the sleek white color adds a touch of style. Enjoy high-definition sound and hands-free calling with the Promate GearPodC2 USBC Earphones.



Promate GearPodC2 USBC Earphones are premium wired headphones designed to deliver high-definition sound and convenience. With their USB Type-C connector, they are compatible with devices such as iPad Pro, iPad Mini, and Galaxy S21 Plus that support USB-C audio output. These earphones provide a superior audio experience with clear and immersive sound. The built-in microphone allows for hands-free calling, and the noise isolation feature helps minimize external distractions. The anti-tangle cable ensures hassle-free use, while the inline volume control offers convenient audio adjustment. In a sleek white color, the Promate GearPodC2 USBC Earphones are both stylish and functional.

Tech Specs:

Type: In-ear wired earphones

Compatibility: Devices with USB Type-C audio output (e.g., iPad Pro, iPad Mini, Galaxy S21 Plus)

Connector: USB Type-C

Sound Quality: Premium HD sound

Microphone: Built-in microphone for hands-free calling

Noise Isolation: Yes

Cable Type: Anti-tangle cable

Inline Controls: Volume control for convenient audio adjustment

Color: White