Logitech Headset USB 960


Logitech USB 960 Headset offers high-quality audio, comfort, and convenience with its USB connection, noise-canceling microphone, and in-line controls.



Logitech USB 960 Headset offers high-quality audio and comfortable design for your multimedia and communication needs. With its USB connection, you can easily connect it to your computer or laptop and enjoy clear sound. The headset features a lightweight and adjustable design for a comfortable fit during extended use. The noise-canceling microphone ensures clear voice transmission, while the in-line controls allow you to adjust volume and mute the microphone effortlessly. The Logitech USB 960 Headset is a reliable choice for online calls, gaming, and multimedia applications.

Tech Specs:

Headset Type: USB Wired

Compatibility: Windows and Mac

Microphone: Noise-canceling

Headband: Adjustable

Ear Cups: Soft and comfortable

Controls: In-line volume and microphone mute

Cable Length: Approximately 1.8 meters (5.9 feet)

Weight: Approximately 126 grams (4.44 ounces)