Lavalier Microphone USB C Professional Lapel Clip-on Mic JH-042


  • Foam windscreen for clarity speech
  • Omnidirectional condenser microphone with exceptional signal-to-noise
  • Tie clip for easy attachment
  • Type-c connector


USB C Lavalier Microphone: This Lavalier Lapel Microphone is equipped with a USB C Connector for Type-C devices, compatible with SAMSUNG, for LG, for Google Pixel, for macbook, and most kinds of type-c connectors devices, such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. You can choose this USB C mic as a gift for beginners who love vlogging, recording videos, films, live streaming, off-the-cuff videos, etc.


Noise Cancellation Wired Mic: This Android USB C lapel mic is efficient and beginner-friendly for YouTubers or bloggers. It is a lavalier phone microphone for recording, by clamping it to your shirt does voice-over recording. The video recording condenser mic equipped with better quality type-c plug, a professional high-class chip inserted and a thicker anti-interference cable, making the shirt lav C-port mic ideal for broadcast, interview recording, ASMR, facebook podcasting, youtube video.