Hawk Ups 800va back Up


The Hawk UPS 800VA is a backup power supply for your home or office devices. It provides up to 800VA of power and helps protect your devices from power outages, surges, and voltage fluctuations. The UPS has a compact design and is easy to install and use, making it an affordable and convenient solution for backup power needs.

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Hawk ups 800va


Input Frequency: 50/60Hz +- 10%, Phase: Single + GND, Voltage Range: 165-275V/ 82V-138V
Output Crest Factor: 3:1, Frequency: 50/60Hz +- 1% (Batter Mode), Transfer time: <10ms, Voltage Range: 220/230/240/110/120V +- 10%, Wave Form: Sine wave ( Mains), Square Waves (inverter)
Protection Energy rating: 320 Joules Instantaneous response, Test Standard: IEEE 587 Cat. A&B
Noise Filtering Communication: RS232 or USB with PC monitoring software and cable (optional), EMI/RFI: Full Time Suppression
Battery Quantity: (x1) 12V7A, Type: Sealed Lead-acid