Hawk Ups 800va


Hawk ups 800va


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Hawk ups 800va


Input Frequency: 50/60Hz +- 10%, Phase: Single + GND, Voltage Range: 165-275V/ 82V-138V
Output Crest Factor: 3:1, Frequency: 50/60Hz +- 1% (Batter Mode), Transfer time: <10ms, Voltage Range: 220/230/240/110/120V +- 10%, Wave Form: Sine wave ( Mains), Square Waves (inverter)
Protection Energy rating: 320 Joules Instantaneous response, Test Standard: IEEE 587 Cat. A&B
Noise Filtering Communication: RS232 or USB with PC monitoring software and cable (optional), EMI/RFI: Full Time Suppression
Battery Quantity: (x1) 12V7A, Type: Sealed Lead-acid