• SPRT Receipt Printer SP-POS891U

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    The SPRT SP-POS891U is a high-speed thermal receipt printer designed for use in point-of-sale (POS) systems. This printer features thermal line printing technology, allowing it to produce clear, sharp receipts quickly and efficiently. With a printing speed of 220mm/sec, the SP-POS891U can keep up with even the busiest of retail environments.


  • SPRT SP-POS764 Dot Matrix Printer

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    The SPRT SP-POS764 is a dot matrix printer designed for use in point-of-sale (POS) systems. It has a printing speed of 4.5 lines/sec, a print width of 80mm, and supports USB, Ethernet (LAN), and serial interfaces. The SP-POS764 is compact, lightweight, and highly reliable, making it a great printing solution for busy retail and hospitality environments.

  • SPRT SP-POS8810 Frontal receipt output kitchen printer

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    The SPRT SP-POS8810 is a kitchen printer with a frontal receipt output and fast printing speed of 150mm/sec. It supports USB, Ethernet (LAN), and serial interfaces and is compatible with Windows, Linux, OPOS, and JavaPOS. The SP-POS8810 is compact and lightweight, making it a reliable and efficient printing solution for busy kitchen environments.

  • SPRT SP-POS8810M Thermal Printer 200mm/s

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    Frontal paper out design for kitchen
    Anti-oil, anti-dust design
    Water proof design
    Multi-ports for choice

    Special frontal paper out design, perfect choice for kitchen usage. Anti-oil, anti-dust and water proof design offers end user more easy operation and no worry for long time usage. SP-POS8810 offers multi-ports choices like USB, Ethernet, RS232, WIFI, Bluetooth etc. Higher printing speed 200mm/s. High quality cutter offers higher working efficiency. Beautiful and elegant black color appearance design makes it become more popular model in the market.